The Basics of Medical Billing

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Instantly Improve the efficiency and cash flow of your office! This special guide is a must-read for everyone from the receptionist to the doctor in any medical office!

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This book is designed for everyone in the medical office… from the receptionist who greets the patient, to the doctor who treats the patient! And… believe it or not, the actions taken by each person in the office, WILL Greatly influence the income of that office! We help you improve the efficiency of your office, and Increase The Cash Flow, by explaining all the basics of medical insurance billing in such simple terms that EVERYONE can understand it! To put it lightly, “The Basics of Medical Billing” is a must for any office interested in improving its efficiency! This book covers the nitty-gritty details of what is involved in Medical Billing. It leaves out all of the fluff, and only covers what you actually need to know.

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 Considering a job in Medical Billing?
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If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you have the opportunity to launch your business to the next level with this “no fluff” easy-to-understand book!

Whether you need to improve your office efficiency, cash flow, or just want to understand the process better, this is the book for you.

Unfortunately, many people who work in offices don’t even know the basics about medical billing!

Now there’s finally a way to quickly & easily learn everything you need to know about…

check mark Deductibles, Copays, & Coinsurance

check mark Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Insurance

check markInsurance Cards, Codes, & Insurance Fraud

check mark Participating With Insurance Companies

check mark Workers Comp, & No Fault Insurance

check markDenials & Resubmitting Claims

check mark Patient Billing, Aging Reports, & NPI Numbers

check mark HIPAA

check mark Indemnity

check mark HMOS, & Medicare HMOS

check mark PPO, & Reading and Understanding EPOS

check mark Filing Both Electronic & Paper Claims

check mark Overpayments

check mark Authorizations & Referrals

check mark ICD10 Codes

check mark Audits

check mark Taxonomy Codes

Now YOU Can Learn From An Expert Team That Is Still Running A VERY Successful
Medical Billing Business Every Day!

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