How to Start a Medical Billing Business

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“I have received your book on how to start a medical billing business. Thanks so much! It’s absolutely awesome! It really helped me out quite a bit. The book is exactly what a person needs to help them get acquainted with the beginnings of this type of business. I would be lost without your book. I hope to be signing up a few providers soon!”

Diana S.

Dear Friend, 

At one time we were in the exact same place that you are right now. We wanted to work from home, but didn’t know exactly where to start. There were so many different options out there… so how could anyone possibly decide where to begin?

While working for corporate America… or… “Big Insurance”, a lot was learned about medical billing from the inside. There were so many people who worked there, who would dream about being able to start their own business from home! After all… they already knew the ins & outs of the billing world, so why not take the leap and start their medical billing business at home?

Unfortunately, as we soon found out, most people live in fear of taking the step towards their own success, because they feel like they don’t have all of the answers, and they are afraid that they will have to go it alone.

People might have laughed… but if they could only see us now!

My name is Michele, and my mom is Alice. We’re a mother-daughter team with a real drive to succeed. I have small children at home, and mom has always dabbled in business in one way or another, so for us, it was the desire to finally be able to take charge of our own lives that made us take that first step towards our own successful medical billing business.

You know… even though we didn’t have every answer, we were determined to be successful, and not let anything stand in our way! Was it easy? Absolutely not! If only we had someone to sit down with us, and take us by the hand, to teach us the step-by-step process of running our own billing business… things would have been so much easier.

What we found out…

For some reason, other people in the industry simply did NOT want us to succeed! Whenever we would try to find some help, there was always resistance from people who would closely guard industry secrets like a pirate and his treasure chest! Why you ask? That’s the same thing we wanted to know! What we did find out was… many other billers felt that we were competition for them, so they wouldn’t have cared if we did fail!

Nevertheless… that was not going to stop us! We were determined to succeed!

After all… there are so many Doctors, clinics, hospitals, treatment centers, and other care facilities, out there which means…there is room for everyone! AND… the industry is only getting BIGGER! So, you are in the right place at the right time!

Yes… for us it was the hard way, but we did it! Sweet Success!

Pretty soon people started begging us for help…

As we started getting more & more business… we started to realize a very startling fact!

Many people, who were supposed to know what they were doing, did not have a clue about many of the different aspects of the billing business! And we’re not talking about just your average person, we’re talking about people who the Doctor’s are depending on to make sure that they get paid for their work!

What were we to do?

As our provider list continued to grow, so did our requests for help!

We remember how we felt when we couldn’t find anyone to help. As a matter of fact, it seemed like no one would even give us the time of day! So… we decided to pull together our time, effort, and resources and help as many other people as possible!

We got to work and put together an informational website with piles of helpful articles, free monthly newsletters, a personal help desk where people could ask their medical billing questions, and as many other resources that we could think of to help all of those people writing in for help. Over a period of time, we started to see the same questions coming up over & over again. Many people wanted to learn how to finally be able to start a home business, some had experience in medical billing and needed to be pointed in the right direction, and many had a full time career in medical billing, but still didn’t know how to do certain things necessary to make their office run smoothly.

When word got out, we started receiving 100s of emails asking for help!

If we were to take the time to teach each person who asked us, how to start their new business from beginning to end, we would never have enough time to take care of our own office!

So, we decided to put together several resources for;

  People who want to start their own business

  For those who have already taken their first step

  And for those who have had a business for quite a while, but still come across a question now & then.

Basically… we cover all aspects of medical billing!

I don’t know about you, but when I come across a problem, I want the answer NOW, so I can get on with the rest of my work. So… we decided to put the information into special reports that you can download, so you can have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all of this helpful information!

And… we don’t expect you to just pick up our book and then send you on your merry way. No… we plan to be here to help you for the long haul through our other resources, piles of priceless articles, free helpful newsletters, and your very own private membership area where we answer your questions for you!

You see, we still…

  Go to our own office every day

  Have our own long list of providers that we bill for

  Go to big insurance company seminars to stay current with the market needs

  Develop custom billing systems for our clients

  And consult many different Doctors and offices

You can learn from experts who are doing it every day!

We sure did learn a lot along the way. And, yes… we did make some mistakes. But, we have made it our goal to help as many people as we can AVOID the pain of going through those same mistakes! It was a tough decision for us to take the hard way… learning as we went… but thankfully YOU don’t have to take the hard way!

You have the golden opportunity to discover those problems before you get to them, and eliminate the fear of taking that first step! We’ve been there… We know how you feel… And we’re here to help!

I just purchased two of your e-books about the medical billing business start-up & marketing from your website and the contents are priceless! I hope my business can be as successful as yours. You are also blessed for all the information you share and the time you devote to it.

— Vivine B.

This 96-page manual is filled with everything you need to help you with your
the decision to enter this field – with ABSOLUTELY NO FLUFF

Look at some of the things that you will learn inside!

 What it takes to get your business started
 Learn how much money you can make
 Learn what resources & software you will need for start-up
 Medical billing & the Internet
 Your Computer & medical billing
 All about your phone, phone lines, and answering system
 The different code books that will help you
 Office equipment
 Business cards & brochures
 Mailing claims & supplies
 The best location for your office
 Naming your business
 How to get your first clients & how to work with them
 Introduction to marketing your new business
 How to set up the prices for your service
 Sending paper claims vs. electronic
 Interviewing with a provider
 Terminology & abbreviations
 Different reports & forms such as NPI numbers & HIPPA
 What to look for in a clearing house
 How to find good software

** UPDATE **

The field of Medical billing is changing rapidly. If you are considering the Medical Billing field, you are going to need the most current up-to-date information possible!

Other resources on the market could be as much as 5-10 years old or more, giving you information that is way out of date. But, as experts who also run a successful billing company and work daily in the field, we keep you informed with the most current information possible.

Our newly revised “how to” resource contains brand new sections of information on the new web-based software systems, clearing houses, and how newer technology has now changed how everything in the office works.

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