Pricing Your Medical Billing Service

“Discover the Secrets of Quickly & Easily Pricing Your Medical Billing Service, While Steering Clear of Commonly Used Illegal Pricing Practices!”

Inside You’ll Discover…

  • How to steer clear of commonly used illegal pricing practices!

  • How to calculate rates using these 4 different easy methods

  • Extra services to consider charging for

  • Whether to charge a minimum monthly fee

  • How to tie your pricing into your billing contract

“I have purchased five ebooks from Solutions Medical Billing and have found each and every one extremely informative & helpful! These books are easy to read and very practical because of all the insider tips that are invaluable to any medical billing service! I will keep coming back for more!”

— Connie, Oceanside, C

Whether you are starting your medical billing service, or you’re an established service considering changing your pricing structure, this book will help you consider the pros and cons of the different methods of charging for your service. It will also help you steer clear of a commonly used illegal practice, and show you how to calculate rates for a prospective provider with each of the different methods. We discuss setup fees, monthly fees, and other services you could charge for. We explain how patient billing affects the way you will charge for your services.

Pricing Topics That We Will Cover In Detail…

4 Different methods of charging – the pros and cons, and how to come up with a value for each
Choosing the right one
Which one might be illegal
Separate charges
Monthly fees
Set up charges
Minimum monthly charge
Patient billing
How to tie it all into your contract

You’ll finally know exactly how to price your Medical Billing Service!

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