Reading EOB’s, Handling Denials And Filing Appeals


Reading EOB's, Handling Denials And Filing Appeals One of the most important responsibilities of a medical biller is to fully understand the payment process of medical insurance claims. Involved in the payment process is reading and fully understanding remittance notices, knowing how to handle denials and when and how to file effective appeals on denied insurance claims. Now available is a course that handles all these pressing issues and teaches the student how to make sure claims are paid correctly and what to do when they are not paid correctly. Students are taught how to recognize the insurance carrier’s obligation, make sure it is paid correctly and what to do with the remaining balances. This course is a great resource for any medical office to train their billers to insure maximum reimbursement for the services rendered.

Remittance notices vary greatly from insurance carrier to insurance carrier and can be very confusing. Included in the course is a breakdown of all terms used on various remittance notices and how they are applied to the charges so the student can fully understand how the insurance carriers are processing the claims. Reading these remittance notices accurately can hugely impact the providers’ receivables.



Topics Covered

Reading remittance advice
Data entry of remittance advice
Incorrectly processed claims
Noting patient’s files
Denied insurance claims
Reducing denials
Electronic denials
Common reasons for denials and how to deal with them
Timely filing
Pre-existing condition
Services not covered
Adjustments to medical insurance claims
Filing adjustments
Filing appeals
Second level appeal
Keeping track of appeals
Generic appeal form
Storage of EOBs
Situations where EOBs need to be accessed
Storing hard copies
Storing electronically
Length of time to keep EOBs


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