Chiropractic Billing Made Easy

… A Complete Guide to Everything You Need To Know To Submit Your
Claims and Get Reimbursed Properly For Your Services!


  • Improve Your office cash flow!
  • Stop losing money due to incorrect billing
  • Learn how to bill the right way
  • No more denied claims due to incorrect billing
  • Make your office more efficient
  • Learn to bill experimental treatments
  • Learn to bill investigative treatments
  • Use for training new employees
  • Great ideas for expanding your business

Dear Billing Friend,

Don’t lose any more money to unpaid or denied insurance claims!

You can get paid for all of your dates of service if you understand the whole billing process. We will walk you through the process in easy-to-understand language so you will totally understand everything you need to know.

This very special ebook is filled with everything you need to know to properly & thoroughly bill for Chiropractic Services!

This book will teach you exactly how to bill out and get paid for your services. You will learn exactly how to handle denials and appeals. It will give you ideas for expanding your income by offering orthotics, knowing when to use modifiers, billing modalities, and billing experimental and investigative treatments.

Whether you are doing the billing yourself or have someone to do it for you, this book will show you exactly how to handle everything from charging the patients to submitting the claims to appealing a denial.

Even if you’ve never accepted insurances before, this book will walk you through the process and teach you exactly what you need to know to expand your business!

We write in easy-to-understand terms with absolutely no unnecessary fluff!

You Can Expect to Learn About…

Participating & Credentialing with insurance carriers
Authorizations and referrals
Co-pays, coinsurance, and deductibles
Patient charts and notes
Auto accident, workers comp & personal injury
CPT and ICD9 codes
Medicare, Medicare, and Medicaid
Using modifiers
Billing Modalities
Practice management systems
Handling insurance denials
How to institute insurance appeals
NPI numbers – when you need 2 NPI #s
Where to find other provider’s NPI #s
Where to include NPI # on claim forms
ICD10 Codes
Payable diagnosis by Medicare
Billing secondary and tertiary insurance claims
Billing patients
Why chiropractors hire billing services

You can recover the cost of this book on one claim!

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